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Truesec Appoints Alice Leth Sørensen as CEO for Truesec Denmark

Anna Averud, CEO Truesec Group & Alice Leth Sørensen, CEO Truesec DenmarkAnna Averud, CEO Truesec Group & Alice Leth Sørensen, CEO Truesec Denmark

Today Truesec announces that Alice Leth Sørensen will take on the role of CEO for Truesec Denmark. As a next step to strengthen Truesec’s presence and expertise in Northern Europe, Alice will lead the team in Denmark to secure Danish society against cyberattacks. 


The announcement comes following Truesec’s acquisition of Venzo Cyber Security A/S (VCS) in June earlier this year. With the addition of VCS, Truesec’s Danish team today consists of around 40 employees with the cyber expertise to help clients with operational, tactical, and strategic security needs. Truesec is strengthening companies’ cyber capabilities in Denmark across sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to finance and food and beverage by increasing their capacity to proactively prevent and minimize the impact of cyberattacks in Denmark.


Alice Leth Sørensen co-founded Venzo Cyber Security A/S in 2020; prior to that, she was leading NNIT’s Global Security and SAP area. Alice has over 13 years of experience working with IT security. In the past few years, she has been an integral part of the team that built VCS with a successful go-to-market strategy. 


“It’s an honor to welcome Alice Leth Sørensen as CEO of Truesec in Denmark. Alice is a trusted leader in the cyber sector, and I look forward to supporting her and the team to prevent breaches in Denmark. With the rise of cyber threats, geopolitical turbulence, and increased need for cybersecurity capabilities across society, we are expanding continually. Through the acquisition of Venzo Cyber Security, we become an even stronger cyber partner and can make our Nordic societies safer”, says Anna Averud, CEO of Truesec Group. 


“Being one of the founders of Venzo Cyber Security three years ago, I’m proud of how we’ve been able to grow the company and the shared expertise that we can offer today. I’m very excited for the next step to keep growing and developing our team as a part of an established and leading cybersecurity company like Truesec to increase impact in Denmark. Our shared cultures, expertise, and vision will strengthen our offering as a trusted partner in the ongoing effort to prevent cyberattacks for all types of companies and organizations across Danish society”, says Alice Leth Sørensen, CEO of Truesec Denmark. 


The previous CEO of Truesec Denmark, Morten von Seelen, who was responsible for the company’s growth and presence in Denmark for the past 1.5 years, will take on a global role focusing on developing Truesec’s business and offering.


Alice Leth Sørensen started her new role as CEO of Truesec Denmark at the beginning of August 2023.

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