2020-12-18 08:47Press release

Truesec expands in Threat Intelligence – recruits Mattias Wåhlén from FRA

Cyber ​​attacks are increasing dramatically worldwide. In order to avert threats in time, it is vital to have the ability to chart and monitor threat actors.  In response, Truesec is investing heavily in Threat Intelligence. An important part of this is the recruitment of Mattias Wåhlén, who has a unique background in Swedish cyber defence and intelligence through his previous employment at FRA, the Swedish National Defence Radio Agency.

Foreign criminal and state-sponsored actors carry out daily cyber attacks against Swedish corporations and government agencies.  In the current threat landscape, there is an increasing importance of Threat Intelligence that can be translated into preventive actions that can significantly minimize the risks.

Mattias Wåhlén's task is to lead and further develop Truesec's Threat Intelligence capabilities for anticipating data breaches and averting threats. The goal is to map all major actors threatening Swedish and global interests and monitor their activities.

"The unique expertise and experience that Mattias brings in the field of Threat Intelligence has great value to our customers. Together, we increase security in society by being one step ahead of the threat actors," says Marcus Murray, founder of Truesec.

Mattias Wåhlén has a background in FRA

Mattias Wåhlén has for the past 12 years been active as a senior analyst in FRA's cyber defence operations.  Mattias has extensive experience in the field and has spent almost 35 years in the Swedish intelligence services, both at FRA and Swedish Defence Forces.

"In order to overcome your adversaries, you have to understand how they operate. Through improved threat analysis, we can strengthen our ability to closely monitor the attackers' activities. It gives us a strong advantage when it comes to protecting our global customers against cyber attacks”, says Mattias Wåhlén.

Brief facts about Threat Intelligence

• Threat Intelligence includes charting threat actors and their activities – it provides valuable insights into investigations of cyber attacks.

• The need for Threat Intelligence increases as cyber crime grows while few threat actors are prosecuted.

• Truesec has been working with Threat Intelligence for many years. This includes intelligence collection from our own global incident investigations, SOC monitoring and cooperation with external partners.

About Truesec Group

Truesec is a strong player in cybersecurity with a clear purpose: To protect data breaches and protect data. The group consists of approximately 140 employees with broad expertise in cyber security and has since its inception in 2005 delivered security solutions to customers in the private and public sectors, both in Sweden and internationally. For more information: www.truesec.com


Marcus Murray
Founder of Truesec Group
Marcus Murray
Mattias Wåhlén
Mattias Wåhlén